In Indicate Women: Come back of Plastics

In Indicate Women: Come back of Plastics

Karen is actually a member of this new Plastic materials, students in the Northern Shore High school plus the roomie out-of John Bennett. She actually is been shown to be most ditzy and you may entirely unaware for the many occasions, and you will she is effortlessly influenced by Regina George and you will Gretchen Wieners. The woman is conscious of the lady mental lack and you will suggests in order to Cady Heron one to this woman is a failure every this lady groups.

Even though the woman is definitely the dumbest of your own classification, Karen is truly nice and you can friendly. Just like her fellow Plastics, Karen as well as is inspired by an abundant family; not, the woman members of the family is not as rich while the Regina’s or Gretchen’s.

She actually is notably the quintessential feminine one in the group, as well as Regina admitted one Karen must have become nominated to have new Spring Fling Queen crown as opposed to Gretchen, whom Regina says she cannot come across rather.  

Following Plastics break up by the end of one’s movie, it’s showed that Karen became a weather woman, using her breasts so you can suppose be it already pouring.  

Suggest Lady

Karen produces the girl very first appearance on the school’s recreations legal, getting struck of the a golf ball, not able to hook they. It is at this moment you to definitely Janis Ian introduces the woman as the fresh “dumbest lady you are able to actually meet”.

Later on, from the cafeteria, as the Cady is seeking a place to stand, she gets picked to the by the Jason prior to the Plastics’ table. To store Cady, Karen, next to their a couple fellow Plastic materials, ask the woman to become listed on them to your meal, in which Karen actually starts to ask Cady certain extremely strange and you can hilarious inquiries such as for instance, “Whenever you are of Africa, what makes your light?”

Within Halloween, she goes because the a hot mouse and you may flirts having Seth Mosakowski (her own basic cousin). Regarding flick, there are jokes generated at Karen’s expenses by the Regina but she rarely seems to connect to the. She informs Cady one her bust can invariably tell when it is pouring and that she will match her whole fist within her lips.

In trust fall, she’s the only person to attempt to hook Gretchen just after this lady apology. Later at the Springtime Fling, Karen boasts a beneficial backwards ‘K’ on her behalf boobs, that have glued new rhinestones on while looking into the an echo, and you may apparently clueless one to photos in decorative mirrors try corrected. At the conclusion of the film, she’s undertaking the sun and rain and you will spends the woman breasts to declaration there is a go it is currently raining, when you’re she really stands in the pouring rain.


Karen possess a lot of time blonde upright tresses, and that she has not yet altered throughout the motion picture. She’s white minty eco-friendly sight and sometimes wears pink lipstick. Their dress regarding venture is a light pink enough time-sleeved top who may have a bluish ribbon published significantly more than the lady proper breasts, a light pink miniskirt having white square patterns, and fuchsia pointy-toed pumps having white bands.

Even with Plastic materials eventually beak up-and find themselves in more guidelines, Karen continues to be the same along with her looks has never altered.


If you’re Karen is known as promiscuous, the only intimate appeal she reveals through the entire flick was to the Seth Mosakowski (her cousin). When Gretchen explains that he is Karen’s relative, Karen reactions you to definitely Seth try her very first cousin, which is unlike a sibling. Gretchen tries to best their preventing the woman, however, Karen runs after Seth anyhow.

Karen and Regina George provides an almost friendship through the motion picture, whether or not Regina proudly helps make fun off her getting purportedly getting promiscuous. With the Regina’s corkboard in her bedroom, all images viewed which aren’t out-of guides otherwise fun uels.

Regina likes Karen sufficient to believe Karen is actually well worth getting nominated to possess king throughout the school’s Spring Affair. And, aside from the full time Regina called Karen a great “whore” whenever she badly pretended as sick, or whenever she banged Karen from sitting with these people during the meal as the she used a vest, Regina have not openly critiqued the woman, about maybe not facing the woman.

Gretchen Wieners and Karen has actually a comparatively challenging relationship. Despite him or her are constantly together, Karen covertly believes you to definitely Gretchen was annoying, and carry out much rather spend time which have Regina in the place of the woman.

If you are Cady and you may Karen merely had multiple brief discussions, complete, both of them continue a constant friendship from the flick and they are after recognized to hang out with her to the movie’s finale.

Splendid Estimates

  • “Therefore that’s contrary to the laws and regulations, while can not stand with us.”
  • “And if you’re from Africa, what makes you white?”
  • “Do you desire to do something fun? Do you really wanna head to Taco Bell?”
  • “I am unable to date. *cough, cough* I am ill.”
  • “I am a mouse, duh.”
  • “I can place my personal whole fist in my own throat! Desire to come across?”
  • “It’s eg I’ve ESPN or something.”
  • “What makes your dressed up thus frightening?”
  • “Zero, I am in fact. I’m failing it all!”

Karen Smith looks like a playable profile about game, branded as the most Dumbest. The lady fuel-up includes slowing down one Plastic materials near the girl, that will promote an advantage to the newest player’s Cliques so you can assault.

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